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Fabricante de China de ropa de calle de etiqueta privada

Custom Service

Garment Accessories

Accept Customization on Clothing

Garment accessories are an important part of our production. They refer to materials and accessories used in making clothes, including fabrics, threads, zippers, buttons, decorations, and labels, etc.. We can customize labels according to customers' needs, including different types of labels to meet customers' different requirements and styles. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality clothing accessories to meet different needs and styles.


There are various types of fabrics available, such as plain cotton, sweatshirt fabric, velvet, PU leather, wool, etc. There is a fabric color card for customers to choose from to meet different styles and needs. Those who are interested in fabrics can check out theFabricpage for designs corresponding to specific fabrics.


Different types of threads are available, such as cotton thread, nylon thread, polyester thread, etc. Threads can be dyed and sewn according to customers' requirements to ensure that they meet customers' needs.


Different types of zippers are available, such as nylon zippers, metal zippers, plastic zippers, etc. Zippers can be customized according to customers' requirements to meet their needs.


Different types of buttons are available, such as metal buttons, plastic buttons, iron buttons, etc. Buttons can be customized according to customers' needs to ensure that they match customers' designs. For example, a brand name can be engraved on the surface of the button.


We provide various types of decorations, such as patches, beads, sequins, etc. Decorations can be customized according to customers' designs to increase the beauty of the clothing.

Woven Main Labels{MOQ $135 per set, 1000pcs}

These labels have text or patterns woven into them. They can be fixed to the clothing by sewing or heat pressing. They not only help to promote the brand but also increase the value of the product. If your clothing order reaches 300 pieces per color per style, we will customize it for you for free.

Size Labels

These labels are usually located at the neckline or cuff of the garment, indicating the size of the clothing. This label is essential because it can help consumers choose the right size for themselves. Regular size labels are free, and can also be customized with your brand characteristics.

Hanging Labels{MOQ $150 per set, 1000pcs}

These labels can be hung on the clothing, usually on the side or back of the garment. These labels are usually used to introduce the clothing, including size, composition, washing method, etc.

Wash Care Labels

Wash care labels are usually used to display information such as brand, size, and washing instructions. The material of the wash care label can be satin or plastic, and various colors and patterns can be printed on it.


We usually use transparent plastic packaging bags, and we can also customize different types of packaging according to customer requirements, such as cartons, plastic bags, paper bags, cloth bags, gift boxes, etc. Some customers also need to add personalized labels, trademarks or packaging decorations to Enhance brand image and product features.

To learn more about the details of working with us, visit the OEMpage.
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