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Fabricante de China de ropa de calle de etiqueta privada

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Knitted plain fabric
Used as T-shirt style, fabric feel comfortable, have a good sense of draping, usually used in summer short sleeve T-shirt, vest style, gram weight is larger can be used in the spring and autumn season long sleeve T-shirts.
Cotton Jersey
Rainbow Touches T shirt
Knitted plain fabric
Used for hoodie and knitted pants style, the fabric is clean and comfortable, has a good sense of draping, wool coil bottom, usually used in spring and autumn hoodie and pants style, the size of the gram weight usually determines the season and version of the applicable.
French Terry
Rainbow Touches Hoodie
Cotton Fleece
Used as hoodie and knitted pants style, the fabric is crisp and comfortable, has a good sense of draping, velvet bottom, warm and thick, usually used in winter hoodie and pants style, the weight is usually more than 300g.

Rainbow Touches Hoodie
Jean fabric
This fabric is suitable for a wide range of jackets, pants, shirts, and more often for pants. Denim fabric texture is rough, natural rough feeling, crisp and smooth, thick and wear-resistant, see thickness, all seasons can be applied.
Jeans Pants
PU Leather
Usually used as a jacket style, especially for motorcycle style jackets. The texture of this fabric is unique, with a natural cool sense, crisp and stylish, thick and wear-resistant, dense and air-tight, good heat preservation, suitable for autumn and winter.
PU Leather
Leather Jacket
Dust coat fabric
Used in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring and autumn, it can be matched with cloth designed into a thin jacket. In summer, it can be used as a single layer to make sunscreen clothing, and it can also be made into overalls. In winter, cotton interlayer and down filler can be added to design a cotton jacket and down jacket, which is varied and widely used.
Camouflage Fabric
Camouflage Windbreaker Jacket
Velvet fabric
This fabric is usually suitable for jacket and pants style. The fabric has obvious velvet feeling on the face, silky feeling, unique texture, outstanding pendant feeling, and light and luxurious texture effect. It is suitable for autumn and winter.
Velvet Fabric
Velvet Jacket Men
Silk fabric
This fabric is usually suitable for skirts, pants and shirts. The fabric is compact and delicate, with silky feel and outstanding pendant feeling. It has a light and luxurious texture effect, and has a kind of advanced feeling.
Satin Fabric
Satin Shorts
Wool fabric
This fabric is usually suitable for overcoats and jackets. It has a rough texture, a rough feel, a good crisp feeling, and a thick and warm feel. It is usually made with lining cloth, which is not suitable for direct contact with skin. Suitable for autumn and winter.
Wool Fabric
Varsity Jacket Men
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